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Keyboard shortcuts»

See also keyboard shortcuts for tools and Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts.

Keyboard and Mac/Win»

Although we try to always mention both, it is possible that in some places references to the keyboard shortcuts refer to Mac keystrokes instead of giving both Mac and Windows versions.

Since Mac Cmd already maps to the Windows Ctrl, the Mac Ctrl shortcuts have no simple Windows equivalent; we map the Mac Ctrl shortcuts to Ctrl+Alt+Shift combination on Windows. As pressing 3 keys is uncomfortable, we try to avoid using the Mac Ctrl shortcut for this reason, but there are a few such shortcuts.

Mac Win
Shift Shift
Cmd Ctrl
Opt Alt
Ctrl CtrlAltShift

The table below lists Mac keyboard shortcuts. Please see Keyboard and Mac Win above for information on differences in shortcuts on macOS and Windows. For example, the Import > Artwork… command has CtrlD shortcut on Mac and CtrlAltShiftD on Windows.

Menu Mac Shortcut Description
Application Cmd, Preferences
CmdH Hide FontLab
AltCmdH Hide Others
CmdQ Quit FontLab
File CmdN New Font…
CmdO Open Fonts…
ShiftCmdO Open > Font Folder…
AltShiftCmdO Open > Installed Fonts…
CmdF12 Revert > Font
CmdS Save Font…
ShiftCmdS Save Font As…
CmdE Export Font As
CtrlD Import > Artwork…
AltCtrlF Font Info…
CmdP Print…
Edit CmdZ Undo
ShiftCmdZ Redo
CmdX Cut
CmdC Copy
AltCmdC Copy Layer
BkSp Delete
CmdV Paste
CmdD Duplicate
CmdA Select All
CmdI Invert Selection
AltCmdV Paste Special…
ShiftCmdV Paste Element
AltCmdE Edit Across Glyphs
CmdF Find Glyphs…
CtrlF Find Outline…
CmdL List Related Glyphs…
Text ] Next in Text
[ Previous in Text
Ctrl] Next Line
Ctrl[ Previous Line
CmdPgDn Next Phrase
CmdPgUp Previous Previous
Font AltCmdG Generate Glyphs…
AltCmdM Update Metrics
Glyph Cmd\ Rename Glyph…
ShiftCmdD Duplicate Glyph
Cmd] Next Glyph
Cmd[ Previous Glyph
ShiftCmdN Add Layer…
Alt. Next Layer
Alt, Previous Layer
ShiftCtrlA (AltIns) Add Component…
CtrlR Add Anchor
ShiftCmdW Add Power Guides
ShiftCmdE Create Overlaps
Element CtrlS New Element
CtrlI Add Element Reference…
CtrlL Locked
CtrlE Edit Element
AltCmdU Unlink References
CtrlP Place As Glyphs > Current Element…
ShiftCmd] Arrange > Bring to Front
AltCmd] Arrange > Bring Forward
ShiftCmd[ Arrange > Send to Back
AltCmd[ Arrange > Send Backward
CmdG Group
ShiftCmdG Ungroup
> Next Element
< Previous Element
CtrlC Combine Contours to Element
ShiftCmdA Glue Selection
ShiftCtrlB Make Power Brush
CtrlCmdU Expand Filters
CtrlN New Pin
CtrlT New Sticker
H Preview Rounding
Contour ShiftC Power Nudge
AltCmdX X-Servant
AltCmdY Y-Servant
ShiftCmd3 To PS Curves
ShiftCmd2 To TT Curves
ShiftCmdB Unlink Corners
ShiftCmdO Make Overlap
CmdB Break
CmdJ Join
| Align
AltCmdL Edit Tunni Lines
AltCmdA Add Smart Corner
AltCmdI Reverse Contour
AltCmdB Simplify
AltCmdJ Nodes at Extremes
CmdF10 Remove Overlap
Tools CmdT Free Transform
W Transform > Flip Horizontal
E Transform > Flip Vertical
CtrlH Edit Mask
CmdM Copy Outline to Mask
CtrlAltH Swap Outline with Mask
CmdK Clear Mask
ShiftCmdM Copy Outline to Global Mask
ShiftCmdK Clear Global Mask
CtrlX Add Horizontal Hint
CtrlY Add Vertical Hint
F7 Autohinting
ShiftF7 Remove Hints
ShiftCmdF7 TrueType Hinting
CtrlA Rewind > Record
CtrlV Rewind > Rewind
CtrlB Rewind > Fast Forward
ShiftCmdP Commands
View Cmd+ Zoom In
Cmd- Zoom Out
Cmd0 Fit Content on Screen
Cmd9 Fit Text on Screen
Cmd1 Actual Text Size
Cmd2 Zoom 50%
Cmd3 Zoom 100%
Cmd6 Zoom 200%
Cmd7 Zoom 400%
Cmd5 Zoom 1:1px
CmdR Rulers
ShiftCmdU Suggest Nodes
Cmd; Glyph Guides
ShiftCmd; Font Guides
L Tunni Lines
CtrlAltC Coordinates
ShiftCmdF FontAudit
Cmd' Grid
ShiftCmdH Hints
CtrlAltN Nodes
AltCmd' Snap > Outline
CmdF9 Snap > Guides
ShiftCmdF9 Snap > Font Guides
ShiftCmd' Snap > Grid
AltCmd; Lock > Glyph Guides
AltShiftCmd; Lock > Font Guides
ShiftCmdR Element Frame
ShiftSpace True Fill
\ Apply Italic Angle
Window AltShiftCmdM New Metrics Tab
AltShiftCmdK New Kerning Tab
AltCmdP Preview panel
AltCmdT Transform panel
Cmd` Next Window
ShiftCmd` Previous Window
Alt Next Tab
AltShift Previous Tab
CmdW Close Tab/Window

Of all the shortcuts listed above, Nodes and Coordinates are Mac-only shortcuts, and cannot be translated to Windows.

See also keyboard shortcuts for tools.