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Release Notes: FontLab»

27 March 2020»

FontLab is a hotfix release that fixes several bugs found after we released build 7382:

  • When you export UFO or DesignSpace+UFO, and then you export again, and Existing font files in the Export Font dialog is set to Overwrite, FontLab now successfully overwrites the previous UFOs and no longer fails with an error message.

  • You can now export UFO to a folder that contains # in its name.

  • FontLab no longer crashes when opening certain UFO packages.

  • When your feature definitions contain code that cause an offset overflow when compiling, FontLab no longer crashes. Instead, it shows the AFDKO error message like ligature substitution rules cause an offset overflow to a lookup subtable

  • When you have color glyphs that contain bitmaps and export them into OpenType PS or OpenType TT, and the export profile has OT+SVG on, the exported OpenType+SVG font now renders in Mozilla Firefox.

  • When your glyph consists of a bitmap, and you open Tools > Actions and choose an action from the Effects section, FontLab no longer crashes. Instead, it shows an empty preview, because those effects don’t work on bitmaps.

  • When you right-click a bitmap in the Glyph window and choose Remove Background, FontLab no longer crashes.

  • The Add Component and Add Element Reference dialogs now again correctly show the glyph thumbnails.

  • When you add a new layer, the Layers & Masters section of the sidebar of the Font Map panel now correctly updates and shows the new layer.

  • If your kerning contains a pair with the value 0, you can now remove this pair in the Kerning panel just like any other pair.