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20 July 2018

Bug fixes:

  • The caret cursor appearance is improved in the Text mode.
  • App no longer hangs after opening a Glyph window, with certain fonts.
  • The @ character works again as the stand-in for current glyph, in the Context mode of the Preview panel.
  • When you open an OpenType font, FontLab stores the kerning in the original binary form, as a decompiled kern feature and converts it into visual kerning that you can edit with the Kerning tool. When you modify the visual kerning, the decompiled kern feature gets out of sync, so FontLab asks you if you want to remove it so it can later be rebuilt. Previous builds did indeed remove the outdated kern feature but still kept the original binary kerning, and when you exported an OpenType font, wrote the original binary kerning instead of the new kerning built from the visual kerning you’ve modified. This works correctly now.
  • Remove Overlap works for contours with Smart corners correctly now.
  • (Python) No longer crashes when using components
  • (Python, Windows-only) FL legacy module works again
  • (Python) In build 6772, certain Python API functions were removed but in 6774 they work again as in older builds.