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2 November 2018

Version fixes a few issues on top of

  • All composite glyphs (including those where the source glyphs contain images) now appear in the Font window glyph cells, in the Layers & Masters panel and in the Elements panel. The Element Frame is shown around all components if View > Element Frame is turned on.
  • The checkbox Preferences > Glyph Window > Highlight nodes on alignment zones works correctly now. Previously, the highlight (pale gray rectangle superimposed over a node) appeared regardless of this setting.
  • Scaled image elements retain their scaling in OpenType+CBDT fonts

FontLab 6.1.1 adds a few enhancements and some bug fixes on top of our recent 6.1 release. Please check the web version of the Release Notes for details.

In FontLab 6.1, we restarted the free 30-day trial period. If you’ve tried FontLab before, and your trial expired, you can download FontLab 6.1 and enjoy it again for a month!

Backwards compatibility note: If you save a VFC file in FontLab 6.1.x, you might not be able to open it in 6.0.x (definitely not if it uses Components). You definitely cannot open a VFJ file saved from 6.1.x in 6.0.x. Version 6.1.1 is a highly recommended update, but if you want to keep an older version installed as well, you can always rename the older app before you install 6.1.1.