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FontLab version»

20 April 2019

Even though was a massive update, we decided to continue with some quick fixes! 😊 Below you’ll find the release notes for build 7044, followed by much more extensive notes of build 7043.


FontLab 6.1.4: new high-precision segment editing, Font window cell icons for composites and auto layers, smoother kerning workflow, italic linked metrics, snapping Knife — plus smarter glyph deletion, better OTF hinting export, and all-new .glyphs format support! See the full release notes for details.

Major new features»

  • Edit segments directly with high-precision dragging.
  • Add nodes, break or slice contours with improved snapping Knife.
  • Kern more efficiently with improved keyboard shortcuts.
  • Collaborate with users, or use that app alongside FontLab, thanks to the improved opening and all-new export of .glyphs files.
  • Instantly see which Font window glyph cells have composites or auto layers.
  • Delete glyphs and decide what happens to composites and auto layers.
  • Export OpenType PS (.otf) fonts with better hinting.
  • Export OpenType Variations (.ttf) with fewer limitations.
  • Use FontLab in read-only demo mode after the 30-day trial expires.

Finer improvements»

  • Access common contour operations from the Node panel.
  • Easily snap guides to other objects, and turn them to hints and zones.
  • Quickly measure thickness with G and drag.
  • Tap \ to make your up/down movements italic or upright, reliably link italic metrics.
  • See anchor clouds only for selected anchors.
  • Tap Esc to get a clean view in Metrics and Kerning modes.
  • Optically separate imported artwork more flexibly.
  • Zoom in/out more easily in Glyph and Font windows.
  • Remove Overlap and keep unaffected nodes untouched.
  • No more vanishing kerning, and other bug fixes.

Fixes and enhancements»

Adding anchors»

To add an anchor at a specific location, activate the Guides tool (tap G) and Shift-click where you want to add the anchor.

Previously, you could add anchors with Ctrl–click but since the Guides tool now uses snapping, you can now hold Ctrl to ignore snapping. So to ignore snapping and add an anchor, ShiftCtrl-click.

Measuring guides»

Dragging from the Ruler creates a glyph guide. Now, Alt-drag from the Ruler creates a glyph guide with measurement markers on.

Shift-dragging from the Ruler creates a font guide. Now, ShiftAlt-drag from the Ruler creates a font guide with measurement markers on.

Snapping suggestions»

We’ve given the final polish to the snapping suggestions (View > Suggest), which suggests snapping locations based on existing nodes and other objects.

If you have multiple snapping suggestion types turned on in View > Suggest or multiple snapping types in View > Snap, and you move nodes, use the Knife or the Guides tool, FontLab prioritizes the snapping suggestions based on the last object you were snapping to. So for example if you snap to a guide, and then move away and rest your pointer for a brief moment, the snapping suggestions reappear. The small delay is intended so that you’re not overwhelmed with suggestions.

In previous versions of FontLab, the snapping suggestions would sometimes stop appearing, or would reappear only after a long lag or some actions. This is now fixed, so the suggestions appear after the intended brief delay. This fix finally makes snapping suggestions work like we’ve always intended — like a charm, so give it a try!

Other fixes»

  • Selection frame. FontLab no longer crashes when dragging any of the selection frame handles. This was an issue with 7043.

  • Deleting glyphs. In FontLab, the Delete Glyphs dialog would list the affected glyphs based only on the current master. Now, it takes all masters into account.

  • Knife. If you activate use Knife tool and Shift-drag to add some nodes that are aligned horizontally or vertically, and you stop on a contour, the Knife insertion point now keeps the the horizontal or vertical constraint rather than deviating from it slightly.

  • Pins. If you activate the Guides tool and Alt-click, FontLab no longer adds a pin at fractional coordinates if Round when Editing is on.

  • Anchors. FontLab no longer crashes in rare situations when adding an anchor with the Guides tool.

  • Snapping. When you draw a rectangle or ellipse, the drawing tool will no longer snap to invisible anchors.