Automatic Hinting»

Through hinting, information is added to a font that affects how the glyph outlines fit onto a grid for displaying on a screen or for printing. A well-hinted font will usually display with consistent distances and stroke widths, and will have its heights or certain features modified to fit in the grid better. In FontLab, you can hint your fonts manually, whether they have PostScript or TrueType flavoured outlines. In addition, FontLab also offers a small set of automated hinting actions. To access automated hinting options, select Tool > Actions, and choose Hinting Actions in the dialog.

Adding PostScript Autohint»

Analyzes a glyph’s outline and generates PostScript hints for the glyph. This is the Tools > Autohinting command.

Removing hints»

This action removes horizontal and/or vertical PostScript hints and links.

Adding TT Authohint»

Analyzes a glyph’s outline and generates TrueType hints for the glyph. This action
uses autohinting options that can be set on the TrueType Autohinting page of the Preferences dialog box.

Resetting TrueType hints»

This action removes all TrueType hints, including visual (manually created) and imported, from the source TrueType font.

Reassigning Stems»

This operation will check all TrueType hinting program for a glyph. If there are some links (single links or double links) that are attached to standard stem, it will try to automatically select the best stems. This operation is useful if you performed some heavy editing of the TrueType standard stems and want to make sure that correct stems are assigned to links.

Reassigning Zones»

The same as Reassign Stems but for zones. It will try to automatically select the best zones for links.