Text tool»

Selecting the Text tool (T key) switches the Glyph window to the Text mode. With the Text tool you can type in the Glyph Window and on the Sketchboard.

A screenshot of the Text Tool

This is useful when your font contains characters which you can type. If you just opened a new font with the File > New > Font command you have no characters in the font and typing will only add blank spaces (special characters named “.notdef”).

After you typed text or pasted it from the Clipboard, you can zoom in to the particular glyph to edit it using other tools, or switch to the Metrics tool and start working on the glyph’s horizontal metrics.

To have more control on the text in the Glyph window, open the Content sidebar by clicking on the button in the Property bar.

You can type new text right here in the edit box of the Content sidebar. The local Text menu allows you to switch between several text samples defined in Preferences > Texts. Selecting one of them replaces the contents of the Glyph window.

Click on the + button to add your current text to the list of predefined samples .

Click on A and A buttons to convert your current text to lowercase or uppercase respectively.

Controls below the text box allow you to define the context for glyphs in your text. For example, typing HO in both fields will give you the following string of text:

This can be useful when working on glyph metrics or kerning.

You can set your text size in points using the the following controls in the Content sidebar:

Note that the zoom of the window contents may be different. So to see your text at the actual selected size (without zoom), click on the leftmost magnifier:

Tracking and leading controls allow you to modify the amount of space between glyphs and between lines in the text. They do not change glyph and font metrics but only the text preview.