Working with Layers»

FontLab VI allows multiple layers in the Glyph Window. Layers may contain contours or bitmap images. You can use the Layers and Masters panel to manage the layers in your font.

Adding layers»

To add a new layer, click on the + button at the bottom of the Layers panel or use the Glyph > Add Layer(CmdShiftN) command. The new layer dialog will appear:

You can add new layers to all glyphs in the font, to selected glyphs if they were selected in the Font window or to the current glyph only.

The option Fill new layer with contents of this font allows you to copy glyph images of another opened font to the new layer of the current font. If you copy within one font the contents of the currently selected layer is copied to the new layer.

Turn on the Make it master layer checkbox to mark the new layer as a Master. This can be a font master if you add the contents of the opened font or this can be the glyph master if you create the layer for one or several glyphs only.

The option Rasterize layer to this PPM puts the result of glyph outlines rasterization to the new layer.
You have the option to name your new layer and set its main properties. If the Put to Background button is pressed, a new layer will appear at the end of the layers list. To put the new layer on top, switch this option off.

Switching layers»

While in the Glyph window switch layers using the ==Glyph > Next Layer == (++Alt+.++) and ==Glyph > Previous Layer == (++Alt+,++) commands. Service layers are excluded.

Removing layers»

To remove the selected layer, click on the button at the bottom of the Layers panel or use the Glyph > Remove Layer command.

Copying layers»

To copy the current layer, select the Copy Layer command from the Edit menu. If you are in the Glyph window the current layer of the current glyph is copied to the Clipboard. If you are in the Font window you can select several cells. Edit > Copy Layer will copy the current layer of all selected glyphs.

Pasting layers»

To paste the copied layer(s), select glyph cells where you want to paste and select Edit > Paste. If you have one glyph layer on the Clipboard it will be pasted as a new layer to all selected glyphs. If there is the layer for several glyphs on the Clipboard, it will be pasted as a new layer to the selected glyphs respectively.

For example, imagine you copied the “Body” layer for glyphs a, b, c, d, then selected 9 glyphs from “one” to “nine” and selected Edit > Paste. Glyphs “one”-“three” will get layers from a, b, c while glyphs “four”-“nine” will get layers from d. The pasted “Body” layer remains “Body” while the old layer gets renamed to “Body.1”.