You can customize how FontLab glyph editing looks and works by going to Preferences > Editing:

The Editing Preferences have the following options:

Show scroll bars in the Glyph window»

You can turn this option off if you don’t want scroll bars in the Glyph Window, and still scroll with the mouse wheel or pan by pressing Space and click-dragging instead.

Pinch gesture zooms in the Glyph window»

Using this option, you can choose whether you can zoom in the Glyph Window using pinching gestures on a trackpad or touchscreen.

Marquee selection selects nodes but not handles»

You can turn this option on if you would like handles inside the marquee selection rectangle to be selected. Note that even when this option is turned off, handles between selected nodes are still selected. This allows you to select handles by themselves.

Clicking on outline selects segment»

Turn this option on to enable selecting a segment by clicking on that part of the outline. When this option is off, you can still select a segment by Shift-clicking on it.

Force snap to guidelines»

When turned off, a node snaps to a guide only at idle, when you stop your mouse move, so you can move nodes smoothly. But when it is on, the node will snap while the mouse is moving, so snap feels “stronger”.

Pasting contour to another element preserves appearance»

When turned on, copying and pasting contours from/to transformed elements is “wysiwyg”: copying a contour then maintains any transformations that were applied to the original, so a pasted version will maintain the appearance of the original.

Holding Cmd activates Contour tool»

When turned on, when some other tool is selected, holding down the Cmd key activates the Contour tool temporarily.

Pen and Pencil tools can continue on a contour»

When turned on, drawing with Pen and Pencil adds to existing contours.

Rapid tool remembers last state»

When turned on, the Rapid tool remembers the type of added node (sharp or smooth) and continues add nodes of this type until Ctrl-click (or right-click).

Live preview (may be slow)»

When turned on and you edit the contour, you can see the “live” preview of the glyph in other windows or in the Preview panel while you drag the mouse. If turned off, the preview is updated at idle or when you release the mouse.