Power Guides»

Power guides Glyph > Add Power Guides are special guidelines that are linked to nodes on contours, and are used during glyph resizing. They are element guidelines with invisible links to some nodes of your glyph. Power guides can save a lot of time when you want to scale a glyph, but preserve key stem widths. The most common use is to scale a glyph horizontally (condensing or extending), but they can be used in vertical scaling as well.

To scale a glyph with help from Power guides:

  1. Make sure glyph guidelines are visible (View > Glyph Guides)
  2. Select the Add Power Guides command in the Glyph menu
  3. The operation will automatically add Power guides to the horizontal and vertical stems in the glyph
  4. To resize horizontally, move vertical power guides; similarly, to resize vertically, move the horizontal guides :

Key stems widths are preserved because some nodes are linked to the guidelines. You can show/hide these links by the View > Show > Node Links command:

To remove the links between the guides and the nodes of the glyph select the Glyph > Disconnect Power Guides menu command. Notice that if you move the Power guides after this operation, they will still move proportionally, but the glyph will not be modified. Use the Magnet tool if you need to edit the linking of Power Guides to glyph nodes.


Since Power guides are element guidelines that have been added to the current element, other elements referencing the same contours will also get the same guides and will be resized similarly to the parent element. If you have a glyph that comprises two or more elements, each may need their own guidelines, so every element can be modified separately and independently from the rest.