Bug and Crash Reporting»

Please use our Support page for submitting anything you think is a bug. You can get to the Support page by choosing Help > Support. At the top right of our Support web page, use the link “Login or Signup to submit a new ticket” to submit a bug report.

Before reporting a bug please check the Solutions section. There is a good chance your problem has been already described and addressed.

Submitting a Report»

Please limit each submission to a single issue—if you have multiple issues, submit multiple bugs. Make sure to include steps to reproduce the issue and attach any valuable information, such as screenshots and font files. This allows us to address issues more quickly. Your submission will be reviewed by Fontlab engineers and we’ll contact you if we need more information.

Things we need:
* brief and clear steps to reproduce
* save and attach a crash report, if there is a crash
* reproducible test case, if applicable
* screenshots and or a video showing the issue
* test font file showing the issue, if any (may require permission if you are modifying a proprietary font that is not your own)

Attaching Screenshots, Crash Reports, and Fonts»

If you are going to attach several files we suggest you to put them in a folder. Folders can be uploaded as compressed Zip file archives. To compress a folder on Mac, right-click or Ctrl-click on the folder and choose Compress from the menu that appears. On newer versions of Windows, right-click or Ctrl-click on the folder and choose Send to and select Compressed (zipped) folder from the menu that appears. On older versions of Windows you can use WinZip or a similar compression utility.

After reviewing your report we may ask for additional files, which you can attach after submission.

Frequently Asked Questions»

Q: When should I file a bug report?

A: File a bug report if you continue to experience an issue with Fontlab software.

Q: How do I reopen a closed report?

A: If you see the issue again after your report is closed, you can update your report and we will review it.