Installation and Requirements»

FontLab VI requires either of the following:

  • an Intel-based Mac computer with Mac OS X v10.10.5 (Yosemite) or later installed

  • a Windows computer with Win 7, 8 or 10 installed. (The app has been seen to work on Windows XP SP2+, and Windows Vista in Compatibility Mode. But you use older operating systems at your own risk, as we do not test these configurations!)

At least 250Mb of free space on the hard disk drive is needed.


Download the FontLab VI app from page, and move it to the Application folder on your Mac, or run the downloaded Installer on Windows. The install can run 30 days in trial mode, or can be activated to run indefinitely. The trial has the full app functionality.


Activate using the purchased serial number by entering it in the Activation dialog.

If you purchased a “floating” multi-seat server-supported license please DO NOT enter the serial number in the Activation dialog but follow the instructions here.

First Run on MacOS»

MacOS has a security feature called GateKeeper which may prevent FontLab from starting. If FontLab VI won’t launch at first, right-click on the FontLab icon (not an alias, the actual application file), and choose Open. You should get a warning that the application is from an unidentified developer. Just click on the Open button at the next dialog warning to launch FontLab VI anyway.

Academic (Student or Teacher)»

Academic users have the same installer, with the full product, and can do anything with the app that a regular user can; the license just costs less.


FontLab VI is updated regularly with bug fixes. It has a mechanism to check online for updates, so you can always have the latest version. Just launching the app should trigger a check for updates, unless you have turned it off in Preferences.