In FontLab, you can transform glyphs in many ways. You can edit glyphs and their metrics manually in the Glyph Window, or you can use FontLab Actions Tools > Actions (or right-click and select Actions in the context menu) to edit glyphs or metrics automatically. All Actions are carefully designed and often produce high-quality results that do not require manual control or correction. There are five categories of Actions available:

  • Basics: Basic transformations for the outline of a glyph
  • Contour: Transforms the outline of a glyph
  • Metrics: Transforms metrics information
  • Effects: Applies a set of effects to glyph images
  • Hinting: Applies actions that are concerned with hints and links

Image for Action Dialog

Actions may be applied to one glyph, to a range of glyphs selected in the Font Window or Font Map panel, to a special set of glyphs (only to letters or only to digits, for example) or to a whole font. If you open this dialog while the Glyph window is active, the Action will be applied only to the glyph currently open. If you open it while the Font window (or Font Map) is active, then the Action will be applied to all selected glyphs. You will also be able to preview the selected glyphs to which the Action is being applied in the lower half of the dialog, and their total number will be indicated in the status bar at the bottom of the dialog. If you want the changes to be applied to the entire font, select the checkbox in the bottom-left. In addition, you can choose whether the actions should be applied to the Active Layer, all Visible Layers, or to All Masters by selecting the option of your choice in the top-left of the dialog. The Search bar on the top-right of the dialog can be used to find Actions from the list. Note that it only checks for the beginning of words.

After you have applied an Action, you can repeat it with the same parameters using the Tools > Repeat Actions command.