Exporting Fonts»

To use or test your font in other apps, you must export it to one of the formats supported by apps and operating systems. To export a font, use the File > Export Fonts or Export Fonts As commands; this will bring up the Export dialog box.

On export, FontLab will convert internal FontLab data to the output format, compile features, create hints, convert smart corners and custom fills to regular outlines, etc., according to the export options defined in the Export Profiles. But FontLab will not be able to export structures that have no counterparts in the output format. Custom elements like guidelines, anchors, pins, notes, etcetera will be dropped during export, if the exported font format doesn’t support them. Your FontLab VI work may be exported to the old FontLab Studio 5 VFB file format, but some features of FontLab VI (including smart corners, genius and servant points) are not supported in VFB or by FontLab Studio 5.

When it comes to saving and exporting, some good habits are:

  1. Always save your work to VFC before you export.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the exported result, delete the exported file and open the saved VFC file
    to make changes or change your export settings.
  3. Backup your VFC files regularly, even after you have finished work and the final exported fonts have been shipped. Remember that your source files usually include more useful information than the exported, compiled fonts.