Matchmaker tool»

The Matchmaker tool helps prepare masters for better interpolation.

Select the Matchmaker tool in the Toolbar. If you see a green circle for the status in the Property bar, it means that your masters are compatible. If the circle is red, the masters are incompatible.

To remedy that, you can use the Matchmaker tool. Choosing Matchmaker switches the Glyph Window into a mode where contours and nodes are presented schematically:

Use the blue handle at the zero point to change your angle of view across the masters. Changing the view can help you to visually group matching nodes and see which nodes are extra, or align poorly across masters. You can turn on the Match masters width toggle in the Property bar to compensate the difference in width of the masters. This works better for masters across a width axis, and makes the schema view more compact.

To make a contour segment compatible across all masters:

  1. Marquee select matching nodes on one end of the segment. The selected nodes will form the blue group.
  2. Marquee select matching nodes on the other end of the segment. The selected nodes will form the orange group.
  3. After the segment is highlighted, click once on one of the groups. FontLab will try to make the segment match in all masters by adding nodes.

If the Allow to clean up segments button is pressed, FontLab may also remove nodes from the segment. Repeat the segment matching procedure for all suspect segments, until the status circle in the Property bar turns green.

To try to automatically match masters for the whole glyph, select the Match Masters button, or use the Glyph > Match Masters command, or CtrlM keyboard shortcut.

To clean up all the masters, select the Clean Up All Masters button. This is the equivalent of running Contour > Clean Up operation for all masters.


If your contours have the same number of nodes but are still incompatible, switch to the Contour tool and check whether they occasionally contain mixed PS and TT segments. If they do you must convert them.