Copying and Pasting Layers»

Since glyphs may include several layers they can be copied from one glyph to another.

To copy the current layer, select the Copy Layer command from the Edit menu. If you are in the Glyph window the current layer of the current glyph is copied to the Clipboard. If you are in the Font window you can select several cells. Edit > Copy Layer will copy the current layer of all selected glyphs.

To paste the copied layer(s), select glyph cells where you want to paste and select Edit > Paste. If you have one glyph layer on the Clipboard it will be pasted as a new layer to all selected glyphs. If there is a layer for several glyphs on the Clipboard, it will be pasted as a new layer to the selected glyphs respectively.

For example, imagine you copied the “Body” layer for glyphs a, b, c, d, then selected 9 glyphs from “one” to “nine” and selected Edit > Paste. Glyphs “one”-“three” will get layers from a, b, c while glyphs “four”-“nine” will get layers from d. The pasted “Body” layer remains “Body” while the old layer gets renamed to “Body.1”.