Searching Glyphs»

There are several methods to search for a particular glyph in FontLab VI. All of them work in the Font Window as well as in the Glyph Window. You may search for glyphs using:

  • Edit > Find Glyphs menu selection;
  • Edit > List Related Glyphs menu selection;
  • / key on the keyboard;
  • the Search box on the window’s property bar.

Find Glyphs»

Press CmdF (Edit > Find Glyphs) and the pane with all glyphs included in the font will appear:

Double-click on any glyph cell in the pane to open it, or start typing the search string in the Filter field. While you type, the list of search criteria may change in the left column. Click on any available criterion in the list to show only those glyphs that meet the criterion. FontLab can find glyphs by glyph name, Unicode character name, script, codepage, encoding, range, glyph width, you name it. For example, type “g” to search for glyphs belonging to Greek codepage or type “550” to search for glyphs having an advance width more than (or less than, or equal to) 550 units.

After you have filtered glyphs in the pane, you can double-click on one of them or select several of them using Shift and Cmd keys or click on the button to select all visible glyphs.

Double-clicking on selected cells closes the pane, and

  • selects those glyph cells in the Font window (Font Map panel) if you were in the Font window (Font Map panel);

  • opens those glyphs for editing in the Glyph/Metrics window if you were in the Glyph/Metrics window.

Quick Find by Name»

This is the quickest way to open an existing glyph for editing. Press the / key and start typing the desired glyph name in the popup pane:

Then press Return to select the first available glyph or double-click on the glyph you need in the list. As with other methods, the glyph is selected in the Font window (Font Map panel) or opened for editing in the Glyph (or Metrics) window depending on the type of the current window.