Embedding is the inclusion of font files in an electronic document, like a PDF or a web page. If a font is embedded in a document, the document displays in that font on any computer, whether or not the said font is installed. On the other hand, without embedding, documents viewed on a computer other than the one they were created on must rely on the correct font being installed on it. The embedding settings you choose in FontLab do not replace the End User License Agreement (EULA). While the EULA establishes the purchaser or licensor’s right to use the font, embedding settings are technical information for automated systems that could process the font.

To set embedding parameters, select File > Font Info > Legal

There are four main embedding options:

Only printing and previewing of the document is allowed (read only)»

  • The font may be embedded, and the document may be viewed and printed using the font, but editing of the document using the font is not allowed.

Editing the document is allowed»

  • This is the default setting.
  • The font may be embedded and the document that uses the font may be viewed, printed and edited.

Everything is allowed (installable mode)»

  • After the document is opened, the font may be installed in the system for future use with any documents.

Embedding of this font is not allowed»

  • The font is never embedded

Additional options»

In addition, FontLab had two more setting options. It is recommended that you do not change these unless you have a very particular or unusual requirement.

Allow Subsetting»

This setting is on by default. If this is unchecked, the embedding will include the entire set of glyphs in the font. This tends to cause much larger documents. Applications that are embedding fonts for purposes of form fill-in or the like would embed what was needed anyway, so turning off this option mostly just stops helpful subsetting.

Bitmap Embedding Only»

This setting is off by default. If this is checked, the font is indicating that only bitmaps already present inside the font should be embedded, and outlines should never be embedded. Note that FontLab only generates bitmaps for certain color font formats, in most other cases checking this checkbox will cause all downstream embedding to fail entirely.