Generate Unicodes»

To automatically generate Unicode codeponts for selected glyph cells, select the Font > Generate Unicodes menu command. To generate Unicode codepoints for all glyphs in the font, choose Edit > Select All in the Font window, then Font > Generate Unicodes.

FontLab VI will:

  1. Remove all Unicode data for selected glyphs.
  2. Search FontLab’s Name–Unicode database for each glyph’s name.
  3. If the name is in the database it adds the Unicode codepoint linked with this name to the glyph’s list of Unicode codepoints.
  4. Because the database may have more than one Unicode codepoint for a single name, steps 2 and 3 are processed whenever a glyph’s name is found in the database; a glyph may end up with multiple codepoints.

You can create your custom Name–Unicode database. See Custom data files and locations and Glyph Naming and Encoding for more information.