A Font is an organized collection of glyphs and font header information. Usually glyphs that are united in a font have some similarities in design and other properties.

In the past, a “font” was defined as a single size of the characters of a particular typeface. Now, since fonts are scalable, the term “font” covers all possible sizes of the same typeface design.

Every font has a number of important properties defining its behavior in the system. You can see and change most of those properties in the File > Font Info dialog box. See Font Info for details.

The set of one or more related Fonts that share some kind of stylistic or conceptual relationship, including some aspects of their names, is called a Font Family. All fonts within a font family must share the same Typographic family name (TFN). This is the core name which is used for generating other font names (PostScript Name, Full Name) seen on the Names page of the Font Info Dialog Box.

Fonts opened or imported to FontLab are listed in the Fonts panel.