Scripts Menu»

The Scripts menu can be used to quickly run scripts without opening them in the Scripting panel. Any scripts you add to the Scripting panel show up in this menu. When you first run FontLab the Scripts menu is empty. It only contains one item Refresh List.

To populate the Scripts menu with scripts:

  1. Open the Scripting panel Window > Panels > Scripting
  2. In the Scripting panel, open the list of scripts by clicking on the button on the local toolbar
  3. The list is empty. Click on the “Plus” button to add Python scripts to the list
  4. In the standard Open dialog choose the scripts folder and click on Open
  5. Both the panel’s list and the Scripts menu are filled with Python scripts now. The folder name is used as a submenu
  6. Close the Scripting panel.

To update the Scripts menu after you have added new scripts to the folder, select the Scripts > Refresh List command.

To clean the Scripts menu, just remove all scripts from the Scripting panel’s list.