Deleting Points»

To delete nodes and handles using the Contour tool, click on a node or handle to select it, and press Backspace (or Del key on Mac laptop keyboards).

You also can Ctrl-click (or right-click) on a node, and in the context menu select the Delete Nodes command for the same result. In these two cases, FontLab tries to keep contours closed. The node or handle will be removed, but the contour is left as intact as possible.

On the other hand, using the Del key (FnDel keys on Mac laptop keyboards) doesn’t delete the selected node, but breaks the contour at that node.

To delete the handle using the Contour tool, ShiftAlt-click on it.

To delete nodes and handles using the Eraser tool, click on the node or the control point. Shift-clicking with the eraser will delete only non-essential nodes, but will leave nodes that are important to maintain the shape.

To simplify the path with the Eraser tool, Ctrl-click on a node, and then click on another node on the same contour.

To delete a node on the contour with the Pen tool, position the cursor on the node and click the mouse button. The node’s control vectors, if any, will disappear. If the node does not have control vectors it will be removed. (Thus clicking twice can remove a node even with control vectors.)

The Rapid tool can delete nodes on the same contour which it is currently drawing. Move the mouse cursor to the node and Ctrl-click to remove it.

Some contour operations like Clean Up and Simplify can remove unnecessary nodes as well. If you have too many nodes on contours use the Contour > Simplify command to make your font lighter.