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Help site FontLab 8

FontLab has been the go-to app for pro typeface designers to make smooth and consistent curves, comfortably tweak, space and kern a typeface, and then export technically solid fonts in any format. New FontLab 8.2 has 250 improvements over FontLab 8.0, 700 improvements over FontLab 7, and 1,200 improvements over FontLab VI. It’s easier to learn and use, it’s better, and it’s faster. Used by thousands of font professionals worldwide, FontLab 8 is our biggest upgrade ever! Discover what’s new in 8.2

New With FontLab 8, we’ve revised and modernized every aspect of our powerful, versatile font editor. Discover the new dark UI theme, adjustable Stroke and Brush sketching, polished drawing and editing, non-destructive transformations with Delta, visual and numeric measurement, glyph building with Skin and variable components, spacing and kerning with mouse and trackpad, batch font export and Actions sets, revamped color and gradients, plus support for .glyphs 3, FontForge, COLRv1, and Python 3.

New In FontLab 8.2, we’ve gone even further: we’ve supercharged the spacing & kerning workflow, added right-to-left kerning support, polished the user interface, and streamlined Undo & contour editing. We have improved our modulated Stroke, added exciting creative actions, and improved the variable design process. Plus you can import and export variable color fonts, and seamlessly convert right-to-left kerning between OpenType fonts, .glyphs files and UFO!