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Waterfall Kerning

Benefit Avoid kerning way too tight! And save time by printing right out of FontLab!!

When you space or kern only at a big size, it usually gets too tight.

The new kerning waterfall prevents that.

Let me show you the new stuff!!

#1 Type Directly into the Waterfall

This is now available in FontLab 8!

#2 Change Features in the Waterfall

You can now activate features in the waterfall!!

#3 Pair Kerning with Waterfall

In the Preview panel, turn on these buttons.

The waterfall currently works for pair kerning!

#4 Print the Waterfall

You can now print your waterfall, right from the Preview panel.

click an empty part of the canvas and go to menu: File > Print Preview.


Couple things to note:

  1. The Preview panel shows your font in pixel units (px) according to your monitor and operating system.
  2. The Print Preview converts those pixel units into points. Example: Size 144px in the Preview panel is equal to 144 points in the printout.

Here’s an example waterfall PDF, converted to SVG.▼

Now you can print proofs and waterfalls right from FontLab.

This new waterfall is a game changer!!

You can get better feedback on your work, right away!

This is going to make a big difference in kerning workflows and quality.

I’m excited about this one.

Dave Lawrence California Type Foundry