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Release notes for FontLab

30 August 2023


Quickly adding variation

New We’ve improved the Font > Add Variation dialog. You can now create a new master by either copying the current master or by performing interpolation/extrapolation. You can also optionally run the last action used in Tools > Actions, or a saved action set.

Glyph repeater

New If you use Text > Add Repeater in the Glyph window, or if you enter \@ in the Glyph window sidebar, in the Glyph window Text Bar or in Preview panel text bar, FontLab will insert a special “glyph repeater” into the text. The glyph repeater always shows the current glyph.

For example if the Glyph window sidebar text is nan\@o\@o and the current glyph is the a glyph, the Glyph window will show nanaoao. If you switch the a glyph to b, the Glyph window will show nbnbobo.

This is useful if you’re editing a glyph and want the same glyph shown in the Glyph window again. It’s also useful when spacing.

Bug fixes

  • Fix If you use the Text tool in the Glyph window, FontLab no longer consumes 100% of the CPU.
  • Fix FontLab no longer crashes when you import certain complex AI or PDF drawings.
  • Fix If you paste or import an SVG from Figma into FontLab and choose Element > Image > Make SVG Editable, the SVG no longer loses gradients.
  • Fix In the Font Info dialog, FontLab no longer loses the minus sign when you copy the Safe bottom value to other masters.
  • Various bug fixes.