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Mouse Kerning


Mouse kerning is here!

This will 5× your speed, if you are using necklaces. (VAVBVCVDVE….)

Setting Up Mouse Kerning

Here’s how you set up the sensitivity of mouse kerning.

Hide cursor allows you to better see the pair.

For the bottom option, if you choose something like 2, your mouse will move faster but less precise.

A good value is 6—12.

Kerning with the Mouse

Master the Mouse Moves 🏀

Think of this like a roundhouse kick.

It’s a bunch of separate moves. But as you practice, it becomes one smooth move.

click pair, release, click+drag, release.

Delete Kerning with Mouse

To delete a pair with the mouse, click and hold down left click, then immediately push right click and let go.

It’s a bit tricky and doesn’t always work. If you have a gaming mouse. You can also just push Del on you keyboard.

Copying and Pasting Kerning Values

Save time for W, V, and Y.

Copy and paste saves the most time for W, V, and Y. Copying also gives you more consistent results.

Since the white space on the side of the W is less than the V, you might want to add some to these values.

Adjusting Values after Copying

In the Kerning panel, put a W in the filter bar.

Then click into the middle part of the Kerning panel. Push CmdA to select all the pairs. (Or Shift/Cmd-click the ones you want.)

Then click the lower right hamburger and select adjust pairs.

Here are the important parts of the panel.▼

OK, here we are in the adjust pairs dialogue!

Adjust here. You can use percentage or units.

Here I put 5 units. This means positive units. So −13 will go to −8.

Kerning Exceptions with the Mouse

The mouse is great for kerning exceptions. Check out the kerning exceptions tutorial.

That’s it. I hope you have a chance to try out the mouse. Personally, I enjoy it a lot… and it is better for my carpal tunnel!!


Dave Lawrence California Type Foundry

Bonus: Some of My Kerning Necklaces

Here’s some kerning necklaces to get you started!

These fine necklaces have been honed over the years. Built from the finest pearls of southeast Asia and then brushed by the feathers of the Himalayan golden eagle.