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1 Minute Checking Exceptions

No matter how carefully you do something, stuff just still goes wrong or needs to be fixed!!

This is the bane of our existence. 😔

Ok, here’s how to check your kerning exceptions. I just spent 10 seconds, we better get cracking!

Checking All Combos

Download VFJ


Here’s the fastest way, without a list.

Download this file and open the kerning panel.

Open a kerning window by clicking on the AV in the toolbar.

See this rectangle to the left of d2?

click that.

You should now see this.▼

Try clicking the rectangle in front of the T and see what happens.

If you want to see everything everything, hold down CtrlAlt and click the line T d2.

You will see this!▼

This is every possible pair.

Use this method to spot check your font without an exceptions list.

Some good combos to check are Ta, To, Tu, Ti, Ya, Yi, Yo, Yu, Vi, Wi.

The usual suspects.🕵️

Dave Lawrence California Type Foundry