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Intro to Special Kerning

Benefits Know exactly how to read the kerning panel.

So you might see what is happening in this series.

We have a cascade.

First, the spacing caused problems between pairs.

Solution: Kerning fixes that.

Second, class kerning saves time, but causes clashes between things like ‘Tà’.

Solution: Kerning Exceptions.

Third, kerning causes some triples to not work.

Solution: Context Kerning

So the next sections are about how kerning exceptions and context fix the kerning.

How to Read the Kerning Panel

Let’s take a look at how to read the kerning panel.

Slightly yellow in the window means that the value is positive.▼

If you are having trouble seeing it.▼

Here’s what all the smaller stuff means.

In the next section, we’ll jump right into auto kerning exceptions.

Dave Lawrence California Type Foundry