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90 Second Quick Start Kerning

Kerning fixes pairs of letters who don’t get along.

Pre-kerning gaps look like this.▼

Before starting, go into the kerning workspace: menu Window > Workspaces > Kerning.

STEP #1 Make Classes

❶ Highlight the letters that have similar sides. For example, left side of mnr. ❷ Now think about an imaginary line between the pairs. In this case the mnr would go on the right side.

❸ With nmr selected, go down to the classes panel and select the correct class. (This time green.) ❹ Make the rest of your classes. Color code so you can remember what is done. I use: green=green class done blue=blue class done cyan=both classes done


You can also try going to Classes Panel, then to the three line hamburger, and select Generate Kerning Classes. See if that works for you.

STEP #2 Getting Kerning List

❶ Get into the kerning window by pushing the AV symbol in the toolbar.

❷ In the pairs and phrases panel, push the three dot button and choose the kerning list that you want.

STEP #3 Kerning

Kern using the kerning window (main window).

Option #1 Arrow Keys

Push ← left and right → keyboard buttons. Use Shift←↑↓→ for 10 units. Use Cmd←↑↓→ for 100 units.

Push and to go to different pairs.

Option #2 Mouse

Use the mouse to drag the pair.

Still push and to go to the next pair.


That’s it!

Great work!!

Dave Lawrence California Type Foundry


For information on customizing your metrics window, click here.

For information about customizing your mouse settings, click here.

Yay!→ To adjust how much a mouse key moves, go to Preferences > Distances > Metrics arrow key.

(Many designers like to use a value of 5 for kerning.)