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60 Second Quick Start Metrics

Benefits Set your metrics equal to another letter, in the fastest way possible.

The fastest metrics workflow is actually through the glyphs panel!

So open the Glyphs Panel now.

We’ll set the left sides equal to the H.

❶ In the font window, Cmd-click the B, D, E, F, I, K, L, P, R.

❷ In the Glyph Panel, type the H into the left sidebearing box.

❸ Continue for all letters that match.

If you want to set metrics links to the opposite side, put |H. This is “bar Name of letter”.

However, since this IS the H, put the bar by itself.

Ok, my 60 seconds is up!…

Dave Lawrence California Type Foundry


…but I can’t leave well enough alone!!

There’s just so much other great stuff to tweak your metrics.

Bonus Tips


To do all that little bit more than ’n’ a little bit less than ’n’ stuff, you can use multiply.

Example. For a little bit less than, do something like =n*.97

For a little bit more than, try =n*1.04

Add and Subtract

Add, you can add things like H+H, or say you just want it 3 units more, say H+3.

Other Expressions

These formula expressions are subject to change, if the metrics parser needs to change!! So be warned of using them too heavily in your fonts.

Binary Operators

Operator Description Priority
= assignement _ -1
&& logical and 1
<= less or equal 4
>= greater or equal 4
!= not equal 4
== equal 4
> greater than 4
< less than 4
+ addition 5
- subtraction 5
_ multiplication 6
/ division 6
^ raise x to the power of y 7

Built in Functions

Name Argc. Explanation
sin 1 sine function
cos 1 cosine function
tan 1 tangens function
asin 1 arcus sine function
acos 1 arcus cosine function
atan 1 arcus tangens function
sinh 1 hyperbolic sine function
cosh 1 hyperbolic cosine
tanh 1 hyperbolic tangens function
asinh 1 hyperbolic arcus sine function
acosh 1 hyperbolic arcus tangens function
atanh 1 hyperbolic arcur tangens function
log2 1 logarithm to the base 2
log10 1 logarithm to the base 10
log 1 logarithm to base e (2.71828…)
ln 1 logarithm to base e (2.71828…)
exp 1 e raised to the power of x
sqrt 1 square root of a value
sign 1 sign function -1 if x<0; 1 if x>0
rint 1 round to nearest integer
abs 1 absolute value
min var. min of all arguments
max var. max of all arguments
sum var. sum of all arguments
avg var. mean value of all arguments